Take a virtual walk in Restaurant De Graslei

Dine at one of the most beautiful spots in Ghent

Restaurant De Graslei, located near one of the most charming places of Ghent. At Graslei nr7 you will discover an attractive and hospitable eatinghouse. You will receive a warm welcome and be served as a friend of the house. The best Belgian salads, fish- and meatdishes will be at your choise.


Red wine

Grand Château La Pointe - Pomerol 2011


Stuffed tomato with grey shrimps (1pcs.)
Smoked salmon with toast

Main courses

Stuffed tomato with grey shrimps (2 pcs.), salad and fries
Seafood casserole with fresh fish, white wine sauce and mashed potatoes
Baked fresh salmon with white wine sauce, salad and baked potatoes
Pork ribs with baked potatoe ans garlic butter